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Access Consciousness Facelift™

Is it possible to feel and look younger without traumatizing your body through
injections, needles or medicines?

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Pravaaha™ A Way of Life

The word ‘pravaaha’ is a Sanskrit word (प्रवाह) which literally means ‘flow’. At Pravaaha™ , this flow refers to the flow of Creator’s unconditional love, and to the flow of knowledge that we hope always remains unhindered and unshackled.

A miraculous turn of circumstances led to the creation/establishment of Pravaaha™ in February 2009 where the founders sought to enhance consciousness and beautify every area of life using the technique of ThetaHealing® . Now, it has blossomed into a Centre for Learning and Healing that makes use of different energy modalities to improve people’s lives. It is now a Way of Life.

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Upcoming Events for:

Facets of Life

What we have in our life is what we have asked for. What is happening with us or around us is a mirror image of what is stored within...

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  • ThetaHealing® Technique

    certificate-of-science masters instructor elective practitioner

    ThetaHealing® Technique is a powerful healing modality that uses the Universal Creative Force to bring about instantaneous healings.

    Access Conciousness®

    Access is a set of tools and processes designed by the Access founder, Gary Douglas to help you acknowledge yourself as the infinite being and bring out what you truly are to generate a life beyond what you can think and imagine.

  • Reiki / Karuna Reiki®

    Reiki’ is the Japanese word for ‘universal life force energy’. It is a compound of two words – ‘rei’, which means ‘universal’, and ‘ki’‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’, which means ‘vital life force energy’.

    Pravaaha™ Workshops

    These workshops are the creation of Renu through her experience gained by working on self and people around the world using the combination of various Energy Healing modalities learnt over the period.