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Enhance Academic Performance

Students today are much more stressed than ever before. A child today is born with a lot of stress, anxiety and fears. The competitive environment, parental pressure, increased emphasis on extra-curricular activities, and the need to excel and prove self are adding extra burden to the already stressed child.

The impetus behind a student’s activities is what will people say or think. There is loss of identity and distraction from what (s)he really wants. Amidst all this, the student develops various issues.

What if studying is for fun and joy instead of having to prove oneself?


  • To empower students to have joy in studying and accomplish their goals with focus and ease.
  • Highlights of the workshop:

    1. Identification and removal of fears
    2. Use of simple meditative techniques for instant shift in concentration
    3. Empowering students to remain balanced in all situations
    4. Discreation of any anxiety or negativity as soon as it gets created
    5. Enhancing confidence to deal with the future

    This is a one-day workshop which will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will include two tea breaks and a lunch break in between.

    Energy Exchange : 9,000 (includes study material, tea/coffee and lunch)

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