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The Bars® are 32 points on the head which when touched gently activate the energy related to that point releasing all the limitations in that area. When the Bars are run, the brain waves slow down and belief systems, behavioral patterns and points of views from other life times, parents and childhood are brought up and cleared using the Access tools. Mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages that keep you stuck are dissipated.


The Bars® are being used in:

  • High end spas
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Recovery program
  • Health Expos
  • Business Events
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • And so many more places to allow more receiving and creating more change in people’s lives and living.

The Bars® are being used for:

  • Stress reduction/ Clearing mind chatter
  • Gifting your Body more Ease and Joy
  • Receiving a lot more and doing a little less
  • Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy
  • For ADD and ADHD
  • For relaxing children before tests
  • For deep relaxation
  • For pregnant women
  • For deep relaxation
  • For dissipating mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages that keep you stuck
  • Is your life not quite what you would like it to be? Do you desire more?
  • For creating more space and possibility in your Life and living.
  • And more…

Running the Bars® opens the person to receiving without obligations and considerations and it opens you to infinite possibilities. Every area of life (health and weight, money, sex and relationship, anxiety, stress, spiritual journey and much more) can be shifted by running the Bars® .

Running the Bars® unlocks the impact of thoughts, feelings and emotions on our body cells and helps restore the spherical shape of the cells.

Every time the Bars® are run on someone, the clearings are done simultaneously for the person running the Bars as well.

The Bars® is the first class in Access Consciousness® and is a pre-requisite for all the Access Consciousness® core classes.

How about being a contribution to your life and living?
How about being a contribution to Consciousness?
How about being a contribution to this beautiful planet?
Would you be willing to step into a new potency and create new possibilities for yourself and others?

Bars® Class:

The class is conducted as one full day class from 9:30am-5:30pm.

Class Fees:

The fees for India is 15,500 i.e. 65% of the International fees (includes the manual, tea/coffee, snacks and lunch).

Children upto 15 years are allowed free if accompanied by a fee paying adult.

Children between 16-17 years of age pay 50% fees i.e. 8,000.

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