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Mera gussa kam ho gaya hai. Bachche kehte hain Mummy tum badal gai ho. Ab aap se baat ho sakti hai. Mere husband mere bartav ki vajah se hamesha psychiatric ke paas jaane ko kehte thhe. Ab khus hain aur poochhte hain ki young lug rahi ho kuchh chehre par lagaaya hai?

Yeh sab jo Renuji aur Kailashji ne sikhhaya use hua hai.

VA, New Delhi

Respected Renuji and Kailashji, I would like to offer my gratitude to you both for sharing not just the beautiful tool of Theta Healing but also your life experiences.

I always will cherish the amazing welcome and warmth I felt during the classes. Also, talking with you two always instills more confidence in me.

AK, Nepal

I thank you both Ma’am and Sir for making me comfortable during this period of learning. Your style of teaching "Theta Healing" Courses in Hindi & English simultaneously made things easier & simpler for me. Thank you CREATOR for providing me this amazing knowledge from the wonderful Teachers Renu Ji & Kailash Ji.

PS, New Delhi

I had a chance to take different courses with Madame Agrawal. I am myself a teacher of some ThetaHealing® Technique courses, but I was amazed to find a teacher from whom I could learn far more than I could have imagined. She is very knowledgeable and she has her own insights and tools that add a lot to ThetaHealing® Technique and to the courses that she teaches. It was a blessing that I took the courses from a person who was loving, insightful, intuitive, knowledgeable and creative.

Roberto Moussi (Lebanon)

Thanks to Renu and Kailash, I am free of depression, fear of death and, as they say, fear of the process of death. I am now relaxed and lead a happy retired life. Doing the courses with them gave answers to why I went through all these major issues. At 70+, I have now released the need to be a perfectionist and acceptance is what I have adopted. Blessed to have them in my life.


I have learnt many ThetaHealing® Technique Courses from Renuji and Kailashji (Weight Liberation Course, Manifesting Abundance, Game of Life, DNA3 Theta Healing). Found both of them very welcoming and humble. They make you feel comfortable.

Striking features – place is specially charged and you can feel the positive energy as soon as you enter the place.
Teaching style is very, very professional, and they are both CA and CIMA professionals by background.
Concepts are taught in a very easy way and with lot of guided practice.
You feel like you are in your own home while attending Theta classes.
2 major changes felt:

  1. During the first Theta course conducted by Renuji, I felt that a lot of my emotions were cleared. My right hand wrist was fractured when I had gone to her.
  2. After working on me for my thyroid issue in March 2013, my thyroid level came to normal, and it is still normal after 6 months.

Would highly recommend her as one of best Theta instructors in Delhi.

Deepak Kumar

Doing the courses and the after support from Renu has helped me get rid of my cervical and piles problem. With healings on my enlarged prostate, to the doctor’s surprise, the size has reduced. God bless Renu and Kailash.


Amazing teachers with a unique style of teaching. Have learnt from a number of teachers but their way of teaching makes learning full of joy and fun. Their workshops and courses relate to practical aspects of life and throughout their classes, they cite examples from their own lives to demonstrate how they have used the technique. Very easy to relate with them. Blessed to have known them.

RJ (Noida)

I have been married for 52 years and contacted Renu to enhance my confidence and to resolve other issues. The amazing thing which happened was a tremendous shift in my relationship with my wife. For the first time ever, we were able to decide on a dinner of our common choice and we started spending time with each other, started talking to each other and going for walks together.

This has been an unbelievable journey for me.

JK (Aurangabad)

I had thyroid issue since the age of 13. For 15 years, I had been on medication. With healings from Ma’am Renu, I have been taken off medication. Her patience and compassion are amazing. There was so much stored within me that at times, she did healings only for 10-15 minutes and allowed the release to take place. Thanks to her, I am now happily married and settled.


Best ThetaHealing® Technique trainers and a couple who make learning simple and enjoyable. ThetaHealing® Technique courses along with Pravaaha™ Workshops have made my life simple and beautiful. Thank you, Renuji and Kailashji.


The Pravaaha™ workshop, Restart the Journey from the Womb, does massive clearing of issues and automatically shifts relationships. Thanks to Renu for this amazing workshop. A MUST RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE. Pain which I had been carrying since I was two months old came up and just cleared.


When doctors had given up hope on my wife in coma because of a brain clot, Mr and Mrs Agrawal’s support along with group healings by the ThetaHealing® Technique community worldwide brought her back to me. No words to express gratitude to this amazing, focussed, compassionate couple.

Subsequently doing the courses with them has brought acceptance in our lives and relationships, and the environment at home has shifted tremendously. Highly recommend them as healers and instructors.

A. Ravi

Great to learn in English and Hindi simultaneously. Style of teaching makes learning easy and enjoyable. Amazing mixture of serious explanation, and jovial belief work and exercises. Renu is serious when teaching and Kailash brings lightness in explanations by way of humour by bringing in day-to-day incidences and idioms and proverbs in Hindi. Thank you, Creator, for leading me to this amazing couple.


Life which was a burden now seems beautiful and enjoyable. Thank you, Creator, ThetaHealing® Technique, and Renuji and Kailashji, best instructors I have ever come across.


I came from Jharkand to do the courses. Got lot of support financially and otherwise from Renuji and Kailashji. Since they teach in Hindi along with English, it was easy to follow the entire course. Wished I had known them earlier.

Doing courses with Renuji and Kailashji is like gently sailing in a sailboat and suddenly realising that the shore has arrived. Highly recommend them as trainers.