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certificate-of-science masters instructor elective practitioner

Renu Agrawal | Kailash Agrawal
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Each individual is unique and so are the reasons for their issues. Our healers/practitioners are trained in ThetaHealing® Technique, Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Access Consciousness®, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Fertility therapy, Law of Attraction and Cell Regeneration . This solid foundation enables us to work with our clients and support them to achieve rapid and lasting results.

Personal sessions can be done in two ways:

  1. Face-to-Face
    These are done at our Centre.
  2. Distant/Remote Healing (via telephone/Skype/FaceTime)
    Time and distance are of no significance in energy healing. In Energy healing, it is believed that any disease or issue is created at energy level long before it manifests itself in physical form. Energy is beyond time, space and distance.
    • In distant/remote healing, the practitioner and the client are at two different locations. The practitioner connects with the client’s energy and is able to facilitate healing as if sitting in front of him/her.
    • The benefits of receiving healing through distant healing via the phone or Skype and through face-to-face healing are the same. The main benefit of distant healing is that it is convenient and economical in terms of saving on travel time and costs.
    • The connection across oceans and continents takes place in just a couple of seconds.

Consultation Fees:

9,000/- per hour
The fees/currency will be according to the country of residence of the client.

Duration of the session:

The session normally lasts for one hour. Depending upon the client's responsiveness to healings it may on mutual consent extend further.

Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) sessions:

These are normally conducted as a twenty minute session to open the physical and the energy body to future possibilities by removing the blockages. (Fees: 3000 for the twenty minute session)

Fixing an appointment:

Kindly Contact us
On advance payment of first one hour of healing(s), the appointment will be fixed as per mutual convenience.

Other options:

Antahakarna Srijan™ Clinic

Free Distant Reiki Group Healings:

These are for those who desire to have free healings. These group healings are done on a weekly basis free of charge for 30 days. Anyone intererested can send the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email id
  3. Issue for which healings are required.

The request can be sent any number of times. However, kindly do not repeat the request within same month.