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Fearless Relationships

What is a relationship?

A relationship is a link between any two things, be it people, events, projects, our link with Self, our body and our financial reality. We actually have a relationship with everything that exists. We end up spending our entire life in an effort to fix and enhance every relationship. But why is there a requirement for so much effort to accomplish this?

Can we give anything to anyone if we do not have it with us? Further, How can we expect love, honour, gratitude, kindness, nurturing and ease in any relationship if we do not have all this for ourselves?

The source point that enhances any relationship and makes it work is our own self, that is, our relationship with ourselves, our body and our being. Once we are in oneness with ourselves, there is oneness with everything around us. When and where there is no separation, the relationships are contributing and they flourish.

Lack of trust, presence of fears, memories of the past, ego, false pride, greed for power, and complexes slowly infest relationships, eventually ruining them.


  • To create love, honour, joy, kindness, gratitude, acceptance, beauty and ease in every relationship, and
  • Being in oneness, accomplish the Divine purpose easily and effortlessly.

Highlights of the workshop:

  1. Being in allowance and acceptance of self and others as they are
  2. Liberating from the paradigm of ‘I should…’, ‘(S)he should…’
  3. oming out of judgement
  4. Identifying the real and the perceived feelings in the relationship
  5. Identifying hidden fears
  6. Abuse in relationships
  7. Disconnecting from the past
  8. Healing relationship bonds

Renu is a Relationship Coach and a Counsellor.

This is a two-day workshop which will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will include two tea/coffee breaks and a lunch break each day.

Energy Exchange : 17,100 (includes study material, tea/coffee and lunch)

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