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Check where you stand on the scale of 0-10 in the various Facets of your Life!

What we have in our life is what we have asked for. What is happening with us or around us is a mirror image of what is stored within.

In order to bring about a profound shift (transform/enhance) in any area of your life, it is important to know the reasons for the external symptoms. These are stored in the depths of our subconscious mind without our knowledge. These programs may have been picked from your environment, or may be genetic, that is, may have been inherited from your ancestors, or may have come from past lives. These act like magnets, attracting people and situations according to what is stored within.


Area Focus Elements
Career Achievement Ability to earn money, success, growth
Finance Money Financial security, independence,abundance, money management
Personal Growth Knowledge and Intellect Ability to earn, self-confidence, acceptance,expression, self-esteem, memory, reasoning, public speaking
Health Physical fitness Pain, sickness, genetic disorders, weight,ageing, depression, etc.
Family Love and Relationship Romance, fertility, parental issues
Relationships Acceptance, Honour,Forgiveness, Love With self, parents, spouse, children, society
Society Growing together Interaction, comparison, conflicts, fame
Environment Interaction Honour and giving back to the universe
Emotional Emotions and Feelings Happiness, excitement, ageing, loneliness,traumas and shocks, fears and phobias,dealing with death, past experiences
Spiritual Evolution Conscience, purpose of life, relationship with God/infinite, life after death.


It is possible to bring a shift in any area of your life by:

  1. Trusting that it is possible; and
  2. Taking the responsibility of your life by being the driver of your life.

We support you in this by:

  1. Offering courses and workshops (Click here to know more)
  2. Personal Therapy Sessions (Click here to know more)

Find out for yourself if you have limiting beliefs:

What statements do you keep repeating when things are not the way you intend them to be? For example:

  • Things can never shift for me,
  • It is not in my destiny,
  • Everyone uses me,
  • I have to suffer,
  • I am born to struggle,
  • I have to prove myself to get love, etc.

These negative sentiments are stored in the subconscious mind and are being directed from there. They attract circumstances where you are made to feel what you are stating. These are called limiting beliefs.

This is by observation.

Another and the most common way to find out the limiting beliefs is through using the technique of KINESIOLOGY, also called MUSCLE TESTING.