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Our present is according to what we have been in the past and based on our present, our future is created. We cannot change the past but we can disconnect from it and we can shift the present by living in the now. By shifting the present, we can thus create the future.


  • To accept the present, live it and shift it to create the intended future.

Highlights of the workshop:

  1. Connection between past, present and future
  2. How past serves you?
  3. Letting go of the past
  4. Prioritizing
  5. Accepting change
  6. Being in the present/moment
  7. Discreating negative thoughts
  8. Identifying and releasing the fears associated with the future
  9. Clearing and energizing the place, the circumstances and self.

This is a one-day workshop which will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will include with two tea breaks and a lunch break in between.

Energy Exchange : 9,000 (includes tea/coffee and lunch)

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