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24 x 7 Continuous Distant Healings

Antahakarna Srijan™ is a unique way of facilitating 24X7 continuous powerful distant healings in deep theta brain wave state. Renu Agrawal has used her knowledge of the technique of ThetaHealing®, Soul Healing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Cell Regeneration, Quantum Healing, Crystal Healing, Pyramids and Pyra Reiki® to create this unique form of healing at the mitochondrial level to facilitate holistic healing of the individual.

Such healings are premised upon the concepts of cellular communication, genesis by observation and split consciousness. She facilitates continuous healings at the cellular level to bring about a shift in the DNA and create a deeper, multidimensional healing effect on mind, body and soul.

Key Feature of Antahakarna Srijan™:

Through Antahakarna Srijan™, continuous 24X7 distant healings are facilitated.

These can be done by:

  1. On their own thereby creating a gradual impact;
  2. Coupling ANTAHAKARNA SRIJAN™ with individual healing sessions to have a deeper impact of healings.

Salient Features of Antahakarna Srijan™:

  1. 24X7 continuous distant healings
  2. Specific system created for each individual
  3. Regular clearing of negativity
  4. Balancing of chakras
  5. Clearing the engram bank of memories which are no longer serving
  6. DNA Activation

Our pineal gland is our emotional brain connecting our physical body with the Higher Consciousness and Higher Divine Energies. Activation of the pineal gland/the dormant strands of the DNA enhances our Intuitive Abilities, immune system and ability to heal.

  1. Womb Healing

Each individual who is a part of this healing system, gets Creator’s Unconditional Love, Healing Energy and Healing Light as a baby in his/her mother’s womb and is filled with Creator’s perspective of love, honour, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude for self, own body and others. This enhances a person’s self-acceptance, self-worth, and self-confidence and gets rid of anxieties and fears. This is a very powerful exercise which instantly initiates healings at emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

  1. Blessing the ancestors and future generations

Since healings are done at DNA level using ThetaHealing® Technique, the impact of these healings, if the client so wishes, can be extended to 7 generations of ancestors, the self (i.e. current generation), and 7 generations into the future. This reduces the baggage of the ancestors upon the current generations and the generations to come thereby enhancing bliss in their lives.

  1. Healing of the heart
  2. Soul Healing

Healings are done at Soul Molecular and Soul Family level whereby the souls of those who take part in this unique system are made whole and complete by being healed along the journey of the soul from the time it separated from the Source to when it merges back in infinity. The consciousness of the healed Soul Family supports in the faster healing of individual souls.

Benifits of Antahakarna Srijan™:

  • Connect with Universal energy
  • Inner peace
  • Mental clarity
  • Healthier body
  • Attract wealth
  • Create harmonious relationships
  • Fulfilment of wishes
  • Attract most compatible partner

What needs to be done to facilitate the process ?

  1. Ideally 3 stamp sized or otherwise 3 small passport sized photographs are required
  2. Name of the person, date of birth, address, brief summary of issue to be healed
  3. An initial fee of 17,100 is payable towards:
    1. The cost of individual healing instruments, one of which will be couriered/sent to the client to be kept at his/her place,
    2. The creation and set up of the specific system for the individual
    3. Healing fees for the first month
  4. A fee of 5,100 per month is payable towards subsequent monthly healings

Free Distant Reiki Group Healings:

These are for those who desire to have free healings. These group healings are done on a weekly basis free of charge for 30 days. Anyone intererested can send the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email id
  3. Issue for which healings are required.

The request can be sent any number of times. However, kindly do not repeat the request within same month.