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As a boy and/or girl steps into adolescence, it is assumed that they will be able to have children someday. It is always about when.

But then what goes wrong? Why is it that today, every one in five couples has problems in conceiving? The increasing number of cases of infertility has brought attention to the mind-body connection in fertility. This study holds the potential to bring completeness and joy in lives of number of such couples.

All that has been received – genetically, or from past lives or from current life – about relationships, family, sex, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and children affects conception. Memories like mother having to forego her profession because of children, financial difficulties, parents having to live apart due to job requirements, the marital relationship, etc. may adversely affect the process of conception.

The emotional issues stemming from memories of being unwanted, unloved, loss of a parent in early childhood, abuse, abandonment, rejection, grief, anger, resentment, shame, worthiness, etc. trigger the brain to release chemical and electrical messages into the blood stream which trigger the hypothalamus and pituitary to adversely affect the process of ovulation in women and quality and production of sperm in men. Not only this, at times, despite being absolutely normal physically, the emotional factors may not allow conception to take place.

At physical level, common reasons for fertility issues:


  • Blocked/Damaged Fallopian Tubes
  • Irregular Ovulation
  • Poor Egg Quality
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • History of Repeated Miscarriages
  • Medical Conditions like Thyroid, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.
  • Lifestyle Factors like Stress, Depression, Weight Issues
  • Combination of Factors
  • No Identifiable Reason


  • Low Sperm Count and Quality
  • Poor Sperm Motility
  • Blocked/ Inflamed Tubes
  • Low Testosterone Levels
  • Problem in Getting Erection and/or Ejaculation
  • Inflamed Testes
  • Repeated Infections
  • Combination of Factors
  • No Identifiable Reason

Whatever may be the physical symptom, the cause lies deep down in the subconscious mind. This may be from current life or from ancestors or from past lives.

At Pravaaha™, we support in identifying the reasons for fertility issues and resolving them by releasing hidden subconscious programs through private sessions and courses.

Our workshops and courses are focussed on empowering everyone with techniques to take charge of their own lives and on empowering them to address any issues in their lives and in those of others.

Courses to empower you to know what the root cause of the issue is and how to resolve it:

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA2 + ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA2 + Manifesting and Abundance

Other Courses:

+ Access Body Processes.