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We are what we are because of our genes, the journey our soul has undertaken, and what we have picked since conception. Most of us live our life according to what is expected of us thereby losing sight of who we are and what we want. Instead of being the driver of our life, we end up being a passenger blindly going where life takes us.

We at Pravaaha™ are focused on using theta brain waves to enhance and beautify every area of everyone’s life.


  • To empower everyone with a technique that creates a happy and joyous life,
  • To allow oneself to be a human being, and
  • To create a stress free environment wherever we are.

Highlights of this workshop are:

  1. How to reach theta state (a deep state of relaxation)
  2. Balancing the energies of the place (home/workplace) by removing negativity and thereby creating a stress free environment
  3. Creation of a cordial, harmonious environment at workplace/ home
  4. Discreation of any negative emotion as soon as it is created to ensure better health
  5. Sending Divine healing energy and light through the unconditional love of the Source/Creator to self, others, places and events
  6. Sending love to self as a ‘Baby in the Womb’ to get rid of toxins, negative emotions and experiences that one picks up when in the womb
  7. Blessing food to make it more nutritious by removing the harmful effects of pesticides and negative emotions of those who have handled it

This is a one-day workshop, an introduction to the technique of ThetaHealing®. It will be for 5 hours with one 45 minute break in between.

Energy Exchange : 6,300 (includes lunch)

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