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REIKI LEVEL I – Basic Course (one full day)

  • Energy and its principles
  • Self healing
  • Reiki , history and Dr Mikao Usui
  • Healing others
  • How Reiki works
  • Rules for consistency in Life
  • Principles of healing
  • Healing and balancing of chakras
  • 5 Ideals of Dr. Usui
  • Why desired results do not occur?
  • Psychic centres and Chakras
  • Protection
  • Energy body- Aura
  • Grounding
  • 3 Pillars of Reiki – Gassho, Reiji ho, Chiryo
  • Completing the flow
  • Breathing – Joshin Kokyu Ho
  • Healing crisis
  • Byosen – scanning
  • Group healing
  • Scanning and cleansing energy body
  • Distant Healing
  • Preparing hands for energy transfer
  • White Light meditation
  • Basic hand positions – Hayashi healing guide
  • Violet Light meditation
  • Attitude of Gratitude ( Power of focussed Prayer)
  • REIKI LEVEL II - Basic Course (one full day)

  • Power of Words and Thoughts
  • Group healing
  • Mantra - Yantra - Tantra
  • Beaming
  • Power of Reiki Symbols and Intention
  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment
  • Drawing instructions and Methods of drawing the Symbols
  • Love Light meditation
  • Activation of symbols
  • Diaphragm Breathing
  • Power Symbol – Goals, Water charging i.e. utilising the healing power of Water
  • Emotional and Mental Healing Symbol – Brain balancing, Heal addictions, Relationships, Enhance Memory and
  • Learning abilities
  • Distance healing symbol – Heal past and future, Goals, events
  • Accessing the Unlimited Power of the Universe
  • Om chanting with Kundalini Activation
  • Empower goals
  • Pyramid wish box
  • Reiki and crystals
  • Empowering animate and inanimate objects
  • Pranayam and Reiki
  • Tibetan excercises to empower the chakras and enhance the flow of Reiki
  • Daily empowerment
  • REIKI III – Advance Course ( One full day)

  • Quick review of Level I & II and first three symbols
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Secret of Abundant Life
  • Various Body Systems
  • The Master symbol – 4th Usui Symbol
  • Manifesting Goals
  • Self healing using healing symbols
  • Reiki meditation to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness
  • Advance techniques to resolve issues and achieve goals
  • Crystals and Reiki
  • Reiki grid
  • Psychic surgery
  • Third Eye
  • Psychic attack healing and prevention
  • Calling upon Reiki Guides
  • REIKI Mastership (Two full days)

  • Chakra Meditation
  • Wheel of Life
  • Additional Usui Symbols
  • Tibetan Master Symbol
  • Antakarna
  • Hui Yin
  • Passing of Attunements
  • Role of Reiki Masters

    Reiki I 1 Day 3600
    Reiki II 1 Day 3600
    Reiki III 1 Day 12,000
    Reiki Mastership 2 Days 25,500
    Grand Mastership 2 Days 21,000

    Karuna Reiki® is the next step after Usui Reiki. The symbols are used like and with Usui Reiki symbols while giving Reiki treatment. Together they create powerful healing effect.

    Our Karuna Reiki® classes are taught in the same style as those taught by Mr William Rand, founder of Karuna Reiki®.

    Karuna Reiki® Certification is from the International Centre for Reiki Training (21421 Hilltop St. #28, Southfield, Michigan 48033, U.S.A.) duly signed by Mr William Rand.

    When teaching, you can teach the entire method in 3 days to those who are already Reiki Masters as it can be split into 2 days for Karuna Practitioner I & II and 1 day for Karuna Mastership.

    Karuna Reiki® is divided into four levels – Two Practitioner and two Master levels.

    Karuna Practitioner I Usui Reiki level III
    Karuna Practitioner II Usui Reiki Mastership
    Karuna Reiki® Master Usui Reiki Mastership

    Karuna Reiki® COURSES
    Karuna Practitioner I:

    • Attunement
    • First four symbols of Karuna Reiki®

      1. Prepares the client for deeper healing and is useful with past life issues as well. T helps release karma and deeply seated issues on cellular level.

      2. Heals deeply and can be used to break the negative patterns we sub consciously use to insulate ourselves from the truth. It heals the shadow self.

      3. Fills the person with love and restores the balance.

      4. Completes the treatment by bringing the client back into the body and grounding.

    Karuna Practitioner II:

    • Attunement
    • Next four symbols of Karuna Reiki® :
      These symbols are of a higher vibration and more powerful. They help connect with Higher Self and work on a deeper level.
    • Heal the Shadow Self through guided meditation
    • Chanting and toning
    • You will also be offered the opportunity to become a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master with the International Centre for Reiki Training.

    Karuna Mastership:

    Master Attunement
    Passing of Attunements

    Karuna Reiki® FEE STRUCTURE:

    Karuna Practitioner I &II 17,000
    Karuna Mastership 18,000