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Why do we fall sick?

Whenever we are sick, a connection between our lifestyle, what we eat, change in weather and the sickness is established. We rarely see beyond the physiological symptoms. The truth however is that a sickness is the physical manifestation of some emotional imbalance. It is due to being closed to receiving, lack of love and acceptance of self and the body the way it is. It is due to regrets, rejections, resentments, lack of self-forgiveness. The physical aspect that we see or experience is the outward symptom of an imbalance deep within.

All our thoughts, words and actions, at conscious level or otherwise, i.e., through our DNA from the ancestors or from our past lives, get stored in our subconscious mind which is in constant interaction with the pineal gland in our brain. Depending on the nature of the thought, instructions are sent by the pineal gland to the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, the control centres of each cell and organ of our body, to send chemical and electrical messages to different parts of our body to act in a certain manner. Negative thoughts create an imbalance and sadness while positive thoughts bring about balance, good health and happiness.

At Pravaaha™, we support people in addressing such issues through personal sessions and workshops/courses.

Our workshops and courses are focussed on empowering everyone with techniques to take charge of their own lives and on empowering them to address any issues in their lives and in those of others.

Workshop designed to teach you how to interact with your body:

Pravaaha™ HEAL THE BODY – Listen to What Your Body has to Say

Courses to empower you to know what the root cause of the issue is and how to resolve it and enhance health :

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA2 + ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA2
Reiki I + II + III

Courses for further enhancement of your health health and attain a disease free body:

ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance + ThetaHealing® Intutive Anatomy
Reiki Mastership + Karuna Reiki®
+ Access Body Processes.