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Renu Agrawal has designed a number of short duration workshops to empower everybody so that they are able to address their day-to-day common issues.

These workshops are a result of the various modalities that she has learnt over the years and the wide experience gained and research carried out through working on herself and a large number of people around the world.

Aim of all our workshops is to empower you:

  • To love, honour and accept yourself as who you are,
  • To love, honour and accept others as they are,
  • To love, honour and accept your body,
  • To become the Master of your life,
  • To come out of judgement and the wrongness of self and others, and
  • To create a stress-free environment.

The Pravaaha™ workshops:

  1. Miracle of Theta Wave
  2. Heal Thy Body: Listen to What Your Body has to Say
  3. Negative Emotions: What Next?
  4. Restart the Journey from the Womb
  5. I Discover Myself: Heal the Child Within
  6. Fearless Relationships
  7. Joy of Studying: Enhance Academic Performance
  8. Living in the Now
  9. Break Free from the Trauma of Abuse

Specially customised workshops are created to meet the specific requirements of corporations and other institutions.