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Renu Agrawal | Kailash Agrawal
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Basic DNA and Advanced DNA courses form the foundation of ThetaHealing®. The entire technique is taught in 3 days of Basic DNA plus 3 days of Advanced DNA. These two courses are prerequisites for all the courses of ThetaHealing®.

With effect from 1 February 2018, in order to beyond Advanced DNA to higher courses, there is now a requirement to do DIG DEEPER.

All other courses are in-depth applications of this technique in different areas of life. Intuitive Anatomy is a three-week long course which is a leap to the next level of ThetaHealing® Technique and is a prerequisite for higher courses.

Course Prerequisite Duration Details
Basic DNA None 3 days History, basic concepts of ThetaHealing® Technique How to tap into the subconscious and identify the source(s) of limiting beliefs.
Advanced DNA Basic DNA 3 days Further techniques, deeper understanding of how to resolve issues, deal with fears/phobias Planes of existence,etc.
Dig Deeper Basic DNA and Advance DNA 2 days Become confident in the Digging and Belief work, one of the main concepts in ThetaHealng.
Growing your Relationships 1:
You and Your Significant Other
Basic DNA and Advanced DNA 2 days This seminar is structured so you can actually know how to it to your business and help people in their Other relationships.
Growing your Relationships 2:
You and God
Basic DNA and Advanced DNA 2 days Get an understanding of the difference between Creator’s voice and your ego. Truth vs fear, True Intuition vs being led by what you truly want to happen.
Manifesting and Abundance Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
2 days Deals with identifying mental blocks and attitudes that prevent you from creating abundance to the fullest
Soul Mate Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
2 days For getting ready and manifesting for a soul mate. If already have one how to enhance relationship.
Rhythm to Perfect Weight Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
1 day Subconscious beliefs pertaining to weight are identified and resolved.
Plant Course Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
1 day Awaken your balance with nature. Better understanding and Interaction with plants and how to honour and protect them from harmful effects of pollution.
Animal Course Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
2 days Interaction and healing of animal kingdom. Working on the genetic flaws. Crystal layout to bring forward required attributes.
Intuitive Anatomy Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
15 days It takes your skills to higher levels to intuitively read human body and Dig Deeper Identify relationship between Emotions, beliefs and physical Disease.
World Relations Basic, Advance,
Dig Deeper OR
Intuitive Anatomy
5 days Create acceptance for all by clearing Prejudices pertaining to races, sects, Religions, countries, etc.
Disease & Disorder Intuitive Anatomy 10 days Focuses on beliefs pertaining to Specific diseases. Enhances skills in support clients resolve their issues.
DNA3 Intuitive Anatomy 5 days This takes you to the next level . Healings take place at mitochondrial level resulting in instant shifts.
Rainbow Children None 4 days First course of developed by Vianna. Focusses to enhance psychic abilities Intuitive gifts, and how to connect with and work with different planes.
Planes of Existence Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Intuitive Anatomy
OR Basic, Advanced,
Dig Deeper, Basic Instructor’s, Advanced Instructor’s
5 days Learn in depth the wellspring of philosophy that is behind all the seminars and books of ThetaHealing® Technique


Course Prerequisite Duration Details
Game of Life Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
3 days This new 3 days course enables you to transform into a successful player of Game of Life.
Family Ties Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
2 days Discover beliefs that we have accepted because of the family We are born into.